Lots of work goes into installing or repairing your roof—and we're not even talking about the construction part. The tricky dance between insurance providers, roofing bids, siding companies, and your budget begins the day you decide to take action and doesn't end until it ends—unless you call us. 

We firmly believe in the value of family. Togetherness under one roof. Clear communication. Going to bat for one another. This is how we prefer to do business; gathering everything up in one place by communicating with your insurance company so you don't have to, while repairing or installing your roofing and siding in one fell swoop. We'll help you weather the storm throughout the process—and for years to come.  

Residential and Commercial Services

Roofing Types


Our roofing styles are as simple or intricate as you want them to be; just select your material and go from there. We’ll make the customization process easy.

  • Shingles are any type of roofing made up of overlapping materials. The most common roofing type in America today, they come in an array of materials, customizable sizes, and varying costs, making them a viable option for everyone. Wood shake is a common choice for our customers as it gives a rougher, natural wood appearance.
  • Metal is a popular choice. It’s sturdy and easy to clean and, with proper care, can last a very long time. For those looking for a green option, aluminum roofs are an excellent choice ; they stay cold, cutting down on energy costs. Galvanized steel roofs are stronger, and will not rust. Copper roofing, composed of a less abundant metal, is eye-catching. Tin roofs are softer and coated with lead, but will last up to fifty years if maintained properly.

New Roofing Installation/Repairs

  • Scheduling a roof inspection with us will be the only work you need to do. One of our experienced, licensed, and trained Roofing Specialists will inspect your roof everywhere to determine what repairs, if any, need to happen.
  • Our roofing team works hard every minute they're on the job to ensure your new or repaired roofing is durable, installed perfectly, and looks great.
  • We pay extremely close attention to our Underlays and Flashing - the unseen work in roofing is just as important as the part you do see.
  • The only reminder you'll be left with after we're gone - besides an amazing roof - is peace of mind that your home, and family, are safer.

Siding Types

  • Aluminum siding is low maintenance and available in a variety of styles.
  • Wood siding has a natural, beautiful look to it. 
  • Vinyl siding offers a greater choice of color, can look like a variety of materials, and is more low-maintenance than aluminum.

  • Fiber Cement siding is a “green” option as it is made of recyclable materials, very durable, and low maintenance. Along with being shrink-resistant, fiber cement siding can last up to 50 years.


Siding Installation or Full Replacement

  • Quality siding installation can be difficult to apply precisely, so trust McCoy for impressive attention to detail and safety.
  • We install our siding with special care for proper flashing - a common problem for roofing companies that rush through siding installation.
  • Sealing between the house and the siding is placed consistently and evenly between the siding and house. Improper sealing can cause irritating noise in windy weather.
  • Our Siding Installation Expert will be with you to customize your siding every step of the way, making the process of beautifying your home a reassuring one.