McCoy Roofing offers siding installation, siding repair, roof replacement, roof repair, and commercial roofing services across the greater Omaha region. Our main focus, however, is establishing a trusting relationship with our customers.

McCoy Roofing is an experienced Omaha roofing company you can rely on for professional roofing services. A lot of work goes into Omaha roofing services, besides the actual construction of installing or repairing your roof, and we are dedicated to making sure the process of roof repair is stress-free for you. 

We believe in the value of family. Togetherness under one roof. Clear communication. Going to bat for one another. This is how do business with our Omaha-area customers; gathering everything up in one place by communicating with your insurance company so you do not have to while repairing or installing your roofing and siding all in a single service call. We will help you throughout the roof repair process and for years to come.  


Roof Repair & New Installation

  • Scheduling a roof inspection with us will be the only work you need to do. One of our experienced Roofing Specialists will inspect your roof thoroughly to determine what roof repairs, if any, your property requires.

  • Our Omaha roofing team works hard every step of the way to ensure your new or repaired roofing is durable, installed perfectly and looks its best.

  • We pay extra close attention to our underlays and flashing. We believe the unseen work in roof repair is just as important as the part you do see.

  • The only reminder you will be left with after we are gone —beyond a beautiful, functional roof —is assurance that your home and family are safer.

  • Besides roof repair services, McCoy also offers full roof replacement services for Omaha homes and businesses.


Siding Installation or Full Replacement

McCoy Roofing provides siding installation, siding repair and full siding replacement services. 

  • Siding installation takes a lot of experience if it is to be done right, which is why we perform all installations with expert attention to detail, safety, and quality.
  • We install our siding with special care for proper flashing—a common issue for construction companies that rush through the installation process.
  • Full Replacement means that the sealing between the house and the siding can be replaced with new sealing that is placed consistently and evenly to prevent drafts and annoying noise in windy weather.
  • Our Siding Installation Experts will be with you to customize your siding every step of the way. We make the process of replacing your siding easy and, dare we say, fun. 
  • New siding can decrease heating bills,  as well as increase the aesthetic appeal of your home and its value. Let our siding experts help you decide the best color and style of siding for your home. 
  • If your home or business needs siding repair, we can also work with you to find a close, if not perfect, match to your current siding. Our siding repair services are just as thorough as our siding installation and replacement services. 

Seamless Steel Siding

  • Thinking about new siding for your home? Seamless steel siding is a highly popular alternative to vinyl. Each piece is cut precisely to the accurate length and given a woodgrain look by a special machine we bring to your construction site, creating a beautiful finish that will last for years.
  • Unlike vinyl siding, seamless steel won’t fade in the sun—giving you a broader selection of color options.
  • Seamless steel siding is less wasteful than vinyl. Each piece is cut to the exact dimensions needed for installation. 
  • With its special outer coating, seamless steel is far more efficient than vinyl, reflecting heat and helping keep your home cool during the summer months. 

General Contracting

  • We are licensed with the state as a general contractor. This allows our Omaha roofing crew to offer services spanning many, many different trades—including gutters.

  • Please contact us for more information regarding how we can help.

Commercial Roofing

McCoy provides top-notch commercial roofing to businesses all throughout the Omaha region.

  • We have experience roofing apartment complexes, churches, banks, and other commercial buildings along with experience in new construction and re-roofing.
  • We are also proud to be a certified Johns Manville installer.