The McCoy Roofing Story

  John and Tracy McCoy

John and Tracy McCoy

John and Tracy McCoy were not destined to own a successful roofing business by all appearances. John and Tracy are both Colorado natives with a long family history of ranching and agriculture. John graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in animal science. Before McCoy Roofing, he was preparing to take over a third-generation ranch in eastern Colorado. Tracy is also from Eastern Colorado and met John while still in school. They were married and had five kids in five years—all while living in the family's original sod house on the McCoy homestead. 

After almost 20 years of good memories raising their family on the ranch, John and Tracy moved to Omaha to pursue an opportunity in the construction business. After nearly ten years of learning all aspects of the industry from sales to management to production, John and Tracy decided the timing was right for them to open up their own business. In 2007, McCoy Roofing was born in a spare bedroom of John and Tracy's home; in less than ten years, our company has become a multi-million dollar business with several office employees and many more in the field. We're proud to have roofed nearly 4,000 houses in Nebraska and Iowa.

  The McCoy Men:  Right at Home on a Rooftop

Today, two sons (Adam and Lee McCoy) and a son-in-law (Landon Wrinkle) are part of the business and have aided in growing us into what we are today.  Lee McCoy says, "we're proud of our business and what we stand for as people. We are not ashamed to say that we are a God-fearing family with very high morals, standards, and character, and we run our business exactly the same way. We are happy to say that if customers walk into our office, they won't hear any swearing, and they won't see anything offensive." Adam is also excited to share a stake in the family company. "The construction business is stressful and sometimes very tough, but to be in business with my parents, brother and brother-in-law is very rewarding. Together, we feel like we can conquer anything."

John McCoy is very committed to customer service. He personally inspects nearly all of our roofing projects in person, and he's known to say that the most important thing he can spend his time doing at work is taking care of and eliminating any warranty issues that may arise. "When a person calls this office with a problem, nothing else is more important," he says.

McCoy Roofing is excited about growing and expanding into other markets and other lines of work. Landon Wrinkle, a visionary of a businessman, says that "we're excited about growing from within. We have so many quality people working with us right now that we want them to be able to move up with our company instead of looking somewhere else.

John and Tracy are now the proud grandparents of 18 grandchildren (and counting). "The most important thing to us," says Tracy," is being good stewards of what we have been entrusted with and to be able to have a legacy business that we can pass down to future generations. This is a great way of life for us now and we want it to be successful and long-lasting so that it can be a great way of life for our grandkids and their families if they so choose.